Your Community Legacy: How to Extend Your Values Beyond Your Lifetime

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How is the new generation different? What does this mean for how wealth and businesses are managed going forward? In business The new generation set to inherit family businesses are likely to challenge business practices and supply chains in order to make them more sustainable. Some examples include: Promoting social equality in local communities by providing scholarships and other forms of access to education for family business employees and their children Encouraging women professionally and actively attempting to decrease the gender gap In wealth The new generation will increasingly want to manage their wealth by investing in companies and funds that meet ESG Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.

The report, " Creating a World with the Next Generation " also highlights some examples of how wealthy families are changing the way they manage their investments: Ensuring that the family investments reflect its values by empowering entrepreneurial new technologies to promote energy efficiency in local and regional areas Aligning the family agricultural business with sustainable investment opportunities in water, forestry, and infrastructure Find out more about what Credit Suisse is doing with the new generation.

Load Video. Tags: Next Generation , Succession Planning. Related Articles In a changing world with fast evolving societies and a population having the longest lifespan expectancy in history, it is important to consider the meaning of wealth and what you want to achieve with it so that its legacy can last. Discovering common values with the inheriting generation is the first step in cementing that legacy. Maathai was truly a daughter of Africa who inspired us. Nathan Kahara Chairman and Dr.

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Joe Aketch Secretary General send our condolences and also celebrate the life of a very special leader, humanitarian and conservationist. We appeal to the government to honour Prof. We again appeal to the government to outlaw twigs during demos and celebrations since millions of trees are destroyed. You conquered, yes you did.

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You fought for me, for my children, for the mothers and children of the future. Your pain was the pain of this country, the battle for Africa. This will never be forgotten. You lived long enough to see the fruits of your blood that you shed for us all. You know what? You will never die. We shall tell our children that the single tree left in Mt. Kenya forest and all others, including the National Parks, were watered by your blood. Rest in peace and know that Kenya will treasure you forever. This condolence is on my personal behalf and on behalf of the French people.

My country was a close friend of Professor Maathai. It was my tremendous privilege to meet her in that very location last month. I will forever keep a strong memory of her and of her fight for a greener and ecological planet. Green Belt Movement, Kenya and Africa have lost an extremely important person, but she will remain in our hearts.

Your legacy of caring for others and the environment in which they lived will hopefully be emulated by all of us. May you rest in peace and always feel our love and respect. We do so with deep gratitude and appreciation for the friendship she offered to so many of us over the years. Thank you!! May your soul rest in peace and your legacy live on. East Africa has lost an individual whose worth is immeasurable. I am convinced that her work will not, and should not, be in vain. It is incumbent on all of us to make sure that the hole she leaves in our hearts should not be compounded by holes in the ozone layer.

Arungah — Commissioner — Public Service Commission of Kenya Vice Chairperson, Commissioners and members of the Public service commission join the family and friends of our great daughter, mother and friend in mourning her passing on when there was still too much for her to do. We mourn but celebrate you as our pearl and treasure. You accomplished so much and we are proud of you. Rest well in our Eternal Fathers Peace. Professor, you gave a voice to the voiceless. You gave a new meaning to respect for Human dignity. You gave the likes of me, Nancy Baraza , a divorcee, a voice.

Go well my dear. I will forever love you. James N. I knew her for many years as a good person who has done a lot for this country Kenya. We shall be remembering her always. I am sure what she has done for Kenya will remain forever. May God keep her soul in eternal peace.

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You helped me through your advice, material support and continued appeal to greenbelt members in my constituency, in capturing the North Imenti seat. Your fight for the protection of our forests will be left to us to soldier on. You have left a legacy for us to protect and preserve Mother Nature for the future generations. I commit myself to continue the struggle so that our forests are protected against logging and the shamba system.

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May the Almighty rest you in peace and keep you on his right hand on his seat of glory. Whatever they did to you, please forgive them. Kenya will remember you forever! Rest in Peace. The departed Professor was the total embodiment of what most of us would like to be. To the Kenya Defense Forces, the Professor was an enduring source of inspiration as we teamed up with her and the GBM to tackle the eco challenge in not only greening our country but more importantly in solving conflicts emanating from environmental degradation and competition for the division of resources.

And all we say now is that in remembrance of the Prof, we shall soldier on in pursuit of what she stood for. Fare thee well Heroine. I was privileged to have known and worked with her.

The Complete Story of Destiny! From origins to Shadowkeep [Timeline and Lore explained]

Rest in eternal peace. She will remain standing as tall as Mount Kenya. Joseph Munyao — Party leader of Democratic Party and former minister Prof, Kenya will miss you but the world will miss you most for your good deeds and the reasons shall ever be with the lord. God bless. Maathai and the Green Belt Movement. We will miss a great leader and an example in so many ways. She also was an icon for all environmentally minded people in Germany and for all of us who fought for freedom and human rights!

He started with us when he was in middle school, and continued his commitment to his artistic practice through high school. During his time with us, Dennis took full advantage of all the creative opportunities made available at the Foundation and at other art education programs. As his senior year loomed closer, he started seeking out as many opportunities as he could to meet with art colleges, and actively sought feedback that would allow him an opportunity to gain acceptance into one of these programs.

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  • This intense focus garnered him acceptance to a number of art schools, but ultimately, through lots of personal reflection and in consultation with his family, friends, and advocates at the Foundation, Dennis made the decision to pursue a degree in business and finance.

    He went to Lehigh University in Pennsylvania for his undergraduate education, and at first struggled with the decision to end his pursuit of a career in the creative arts. This struggle set him on the new mission of marrying his creative needs with his new focus on other professional pursuits. We kept in touch through his four years of college, and he returned to the Joan Mitchell Foundation to participate in an internship, as well as support other developing artists.

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    During his summer with us in the administrative office, he took the opportunity to arrange meetings with our finance officer to learn more about how our artist-endowed nonprofit functioned. He is now an accounting and training assistant at an investment management company.

    But it requires other types of creative intelligences, i. I find that logical reasoning has the power to unleash creativity. Outside of work, I continue to sketch on my free-time and regularly attend galleries to find inspiration for my drawings. Sharbreon Plummer , Program Associate for Community Engagement , Joan Mitchell Center : Creativity presents itself in innumerable ways throughout a single lifetime: from a curious child exploring the world through fresh eyes, to an elder dedicated to the continued mastery of their craft.

    I view my colleagues and myself as members of that community; one which, through empathy, lived experience, and love of our field, wish to understand what it takes to create and maintain the journey of self-exploration through artistic practice. Our artists are non-homogenous, and thus our approach to the cultivation of creativity continues to be a reflection of them. As a society, we often see the success and achievements of artists with no understanding of the journey that precedes the summit.

    It is our ambition to foster a culture of cooperative learning and collaboration which also has the potential to reverberate within and beyond the field. The Foundation has a history of working very deeply with artists of all ages, from youth to senior practitioners. With that understanding, artists are embedded into the overall makeup of the Foundation.