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The four principles were: 1 that those responsible for serious crimes would be judged selectively, but exemplary; 2 that there would be some deprivation of liberty; 3 that participation in politics is limited to people who had convictions for crimes against humanity, and 4 that justice was for everyone, and not only for the guerrillas.

Jaramillo defended this with long speeches and public hearings to achieve justice this way. September 30th of , when the point of justice was being negotiated in Havana, Sergio Jaramillo attended a debate on transitional justice in the Senate of the Republic. And you know that that is not true.

The truth is that 18, were pardoned without any condition by its Government. Uribe immediately responded: "you met me eight years ago, and I did meet me lying. I do not accept that you are calling me a liar. You know that in the statistics of the Ministry of defence, that you me passed me, appeared 18, members of the guerrillas demobilized".

Sources close to the process in Havana have said that the more time went by during the negotiations, the more the relationship between the commanders of the guerrillas and Sergio Jaramillo cooled. They say that one of the reasons for the distance between them was the "perfectionism" of the High Commissioner, apparently more concerned about writing quality agreements than by the pressing political time. Those same sources say that that love for the detail and the exceptional rigour led to both him and Humberto de la Calle to be removed from the final negotiation on transitional justice and the Special Jurisdiction for Peace.

However, experts now agree in praising the architecture of the agreement signed with the FARC, because it is solid, comprehensive and visionary. Without the much criticized detailing of Jaramillo, this would have most likely not been possible. In the midst of the uncertainty that caused the rejection of the agreement with the FARC in the plebiscite of October 2, , many Colombians waited again for the noise of the guns and the Government was desperately looking for ways to avoid a total failure of the talks.

At that critical moment, Sergio Jaramillo led the defence of what was agreed in Havana and sat down to negotiate with the spokesmen of No. But in the end I think we have an agreement that strengthens more our institution and gives greater guarantees to the victims", said Jaramillo to the Senate, after negotiating changes to the text agreed in September with the FARC for more than 15 days.

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He dodged the FARC after the first contacts "On one side of the phone were Alfonso Cano and Pablo Catatumbo, and on the other side were President Santos and I", says Sergio Jaramillo in the documentary 'The silence of the guns', which premieres these days in the country. He put himself on the line for a peace without impunity In , when allegations of false positives began to flourish in Colombia, as Deputy Minister of Defence Sergio Jaramillo started documenting cases to then pressure to have consequences on the inside of the armed forces.

He did not fear to discuss with Uribe September 30th of , when the point of justice was being negotiated in Havana, Sergio Jaramillo attended a debate on transitional justice in the Senate of the Republic. Matthew Bosche.

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