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Lee Child. However, we all know Poirot better than that and soon his 'little grey cells' are twitching. Will he be able to crack this diabolically clever case? Poirot also has to deal with a woman who claims to have a letter from him accusing her of being a killer The Mystery of Three Quarters and the strange case of a Lady who summons a lawyer to changer her will before hosting a dinner party Format: paperback.

Add to basket. Three classic British mysteries set in the idyllic countryside from bestselling crime novelist Rebecca Tope. In Deception in the Cotswolds, Thea Osborne looks forward to her latest house-sitting job in the secluded village of Cranham. She is looking after Harriet Young's reptiles but soon discovers that the geckoes are not the only cold-blooded creatures at large in Cranham.

Thea agrees to house-sit for Oliver Meadows in Shadows in the Cotswolds, but she is distracted by the news of her mother's sudden involvement with an old flame. As usual, she finds herself at the centre of a dark mystery when she discovers a dead body in the gardens of the house. Malice in the Cotswolds sees Thea in a new assignment for the mysterious Yvonne Parker.

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She arrives at the isolated village of Snowshill and is immediately on edge. A child in the unsettling village is found brutally strangled and Thea and her friends work together to uncover the sinister plot. Three cosy crime whodunnits from Julia Chapman, all set in the beautiful surroundings of the Yorkshire Dales.

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All of these addictive mysteries are packed with wry and witty observations as an intrepid duo attempt to solve a number of cases of murder with manners. However, the people of Bruncliffe only see Samson as a trouble-maker. Meanwhile, Samson's neighbour Delilah Metcalfe is struggling to keep her dating agency afloat and then the agency's first case forces the feuding neighbours to work together Date with Malice finds the warring couple joining forces to uncover the hostility engulfing the elderly residents of Bruncliffe; and Date with Mystery finds them attempting to crack a case that has puzzled the town for decades Set in the town of Plummergen, these humorous mysteries find retired art teacher Miss Seeton investigating all kinds of quirky killings.

Featuring 'a most beguiling protagonist' New York Times , they follow on from our previous three-book collection that delighted so many cosy crime fans. Throughout these books, Miss Seeton looks into a crime wave that has taken over her peaceful home village; finds herself accused of being a thief's accomplice; and investigates a potential killer at a tennis tournament. Will it be a case of game, set and match? For fans of authors like M. Beaton, Rhys Bowen, L. This collection includes books in the Miss Seeton Mysteries series Format: paperback.

Suzette A. Set in the s and '60s, this witty collection includes three addictive, clever and page-turning cosy crime mysteries from Suzette A. Hill, the author of the Francis Oughterard series. Rosy is reluctant, but finds herself heading back to Suffolk. When Rosy and Lady Fawcett arrive at their hostess's house, they are plunged into a series of bizarre and sinister events. Shot in Southwold finds Lady Fawcett eager to vet her daughter Amy's current beau as he films his first major project in the town.

However, not all is going to plan and a female cast member is killed, leaving Rosy and Lady Fawcett at the centre of a murder mystery once again; A Little Murder is based in London and follows Sergeant Greenleaf as he attempts to solve the murder of a woman who was discovered naked and covered with a coal scuttle For fans of authors like: L. What would happen if Baker Street's most famous detective wasn't Sherlock Holmes?

This three-book collection from The Conjurer's Bird author Martin Davies highlights the talents of Sherlock's housekeeper, Mrs Hudson, and her orphaned assistant Flotsam. Mrs Hudson and the Spirits' Curse finds a group of merchants dying one by one; Mrs Hudson and the Malabar Rose involves dangerous magicians, precious gems and dastardly plans; and Mrs Hudson and the Lazarus Testament is the dark tale of a 'dead' man haunting the moors up north!

Packed with gripping twists and murderous intrigue, these elementary page-turners offer a fresh twist on classic Victorian mysteries. This collection contains books in Martin Davies' Holmes and Hudson series. The No.

Cats crack mysteries in these purr -fectly witty and original cosy crime novels from Mandy Morton. With their humour and quirky cases, these books really are the cat's whiskers. Murder is a simple crime but in the hands of a maniac or a serial killer, it can become a very complicated business indeed. The whole country is in a state of panic and this is only serving to make the murderer even more confident.

However, these deliberate clues are playing right into the hands of Hercule 'probably the greatest detective in the world' Poirot There's nothing better than a traditional mystery and Emily Brightwell's cosy crime novels following the intrepid sleuth Mrs Jeffries are addictive, charming and full of gentle surprises. Set in Victorian London, this five-book collection follows the quick-witted housekeeper Mrs Jeffries as she helps the mild-mannered Inspector Witherspoon solve a number of murder cases with subtle nods and nudges in the right direction.

Full of period detail, quirky crimes and plenty of laughter, this is a delightful collection. For fans of authors like: Rebecca Tope, M. Beaton, Agatha Christie. Beaton fans will love hearing the first 10 books following the super sleuth detective's cases in audio format. The country's most quick-witted but unambitious policeman, Hamish Macbeth resides in the village of Lochdubh in the Scottish Highlands.