9-11/Phase 2: Operation Golden State

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Adopted: April 16, Stich Construction, Inc. Congress House Resolution Adopted: April 2, Adopted: March 5, Adopted: February 19, Francis Electric, Inc. Adopted: February 5, Adopted: January 22, Adopted: January 15, Adopted: December 18, Adopted: December 4, Adopted: November 20, Adopted: November 13, Adopted: October 23, Adopted: October 16, Adopted: October 2, Adopted: September 25, Adopted: September 18, Moody Memorial Underpass project as being complete and in that acceptance, permanently vacate the former at-grade public crossing located at Railroad Mile Post.

Adopted: September 11, Adopted: August 7, Adopted: July 24, Adopted: July 17, Adopted: July 10, Adopted: June 26, Adopted: June 19, Supreme Court decision in Janus vs. Adopted: June 5, Forde Associates, Inc.

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Adopted: May 22, The purpose of this substitution is to assist in the redevelopment of the properties at 12th Street and Macdonald Avenue in downtown Richmond. Adopted: May 15, Adopted: May 1, Adopted: April 17, Adopted: March 27, Adopted: March 6, Adopted: March 6, ADOPT a resolution authorizing placement of liens and special assessments for unpaid garbage collection service fees on County property tax records. Park MLK. Adopted: February 27, Adopted: February 20, Adopted: February 6, Adopted: January 23, Adopted: January 16, Adopted: December 19, Adopted: December 5, Adopted: November 21, Adopted: November 7, Adopted: October 24, Adopted: October 17, Adopted: October 3, Tucci-Smith, and Cybertary.

Adopted: September 19, Adopted: September 12, Adopted: July 25, Adopted: July 18, Adopted: July 11, Adopted: June 27, Adopted: June 20, Adopted: June 6, Adopted: May 23, Adopted: May 16, The terms for each contract would be extended to June 30, Adopted: May 2, Adopted: April 25, Adopted: April 18, Adopted: April 4, Adopted: March 21, Adopted: March 7, Adopted: February 28, Adopted: February 21, Adopted: February 21, Adopted: February 21, Adopted: February 7, Adopted: January 17, Adopted: December 20, Kennedy Park.

Adopted: December 6, Presidential election regarding sanctuary policies, condemning violence and hate, and reemphasizing commitment to combat climate change. Adopted: November 15, Adopted: November 1, Adopted: October 25, Adopted: October 18, Adopted: October 4, Adopted: September 20, Adopted: September 13, Adopted: July 26, Retiree Medical , and employee cost sharing for active employee medical benefits effective January 1, , with contributions increasing in graduated amounts through July 1, - Human Resources Management Department Lisa Stephenson Adopted: July 19, Adopted: July 5, Retiree Medical , and employee cost sharing for active employee medical benefits effective January 1, , with contributions increasing in graduated amounts through July 1, Adopted: June 28, Adopted: June 21, Retiree Medical, and employee cost sharing for active employee medical benefits.

Adopted: June 7, Adopted May 17, Adopted: May 3, Adopted: April 19, Adopted: April 5, Adopted April 5, Adopted: March 15, Adopted: March 1, Adopted: February 16, Adopted:January 19, Adopted: January 19, Adopted: January 12, Adopted: December 15, Adopted: December 1, Adopted: November 24, Adopted: November 17, Adopted: November 3, Adopted: October 20, Adopted: October 6, These actions will authorize the refunding of a portion of the outstanding Pension Funding Bonds, and fund a termination of the interest rate swaps relating to the Pension Funding Bonds, by issuing Taxable Pension Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series A.

Department of Housing and Urban Development. Adopted: September 22, Adopted: September 15, The contract term will be from October 1, , to December 31, Adopted: August 3, Adopted: July 21, Adopted: July 7, Adopted: June 30, Adopted: June 23, Adopted: June 16, Adopted: June 2, Adopted: May 19, Adopted: May 5, Adopted: April 21, Adopted: April 7, Adopted: April 7, Successor Agency Reso. Adopted: March 17, Adopted: March 3, Adopted: February 24, Adopted: February 17, Adopted: February 3, Adopted: January 20, The proceeds of the Bonds will be used to: 1 finance the rehabilitation of units of affordable housing at Friendship Manor and Triangle Court; and 2 pay certain expenses incurred in connection with the issuance of the Bonds.

Adopted: January 5, Adopted: December 16, Adopted: December 16 Adopted: December 2, Adopted: November 18, Adopted: October 28, Adopted: October 21, Adopted: October 7, Adopted: September 23, Lying to investigators is considered a dire breach in an organization built on trust.

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The referral to the U. He has challenged the findings, disputing even the most basic elements, like how many people were in the room. The IG said it did not find many of his objections credible, with some elements contradicted by notes taken contemporaneously by an agent. At p. The caller gave her name and said she was close to the family of an year-old in Parkland, Fla. After Cruz allegedly killed 17 people with an AR rifle at his old school just six weeks later, the bureau admitted that it had dropped the ball and ordered a full review.

The Parkland shooting was only the latest in a string of devastating misses. After Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 people at the nightclub Pulse in Orlando in June , the FBI said it had investigated him twice before on terrorism suspicions, but shut the inquiries for lack of evidence.

The year before, after Dylann Roof shot to death nine African-American parishioners at a South Carolina church, the FBI acknowledged that lapses in its gun background-check system allowed him to illegally buy the. And in , the FBI received a tip from Russian intelligence that one of the Boston Marathon bombers had become radicalized and was planning an overseas trip to join radical Islamic groups. The concerns about FBI testimony in a major terrorist prosecution underscore a larger question: Are people less likely to believe what the bureau says these days?


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In January, a federal judge threw out all the criminal charges against renegade Nevada cattleman Cliven Bundy, his two sons and a supporter who had been in an armed standoff over unpaid grazing fees. An agent at the scene, W.

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Joseph Astarita, is now charged with five criminal counts after prosecutors say he falsely denied shooting twice at an occupation leader who was fatally shot by police, who said he appeared to be reaching for his handgun during a roadside encounter. The Bundy sons and five supporters who helped in the takeover were found not guilty of conspiracy and weapons charges, in another jarring setback for the government. Some legal experts and defense advocates see the string of recent not guilty verdicts as a sign that jurors and judges are less inclined to take what the FBI says in court at face value.

Data examined by TIME support that conclusion. The number of convictions in FBI-led investigations dropped last year for the fifth consecutive year—from 11, in to 10,, according to Syracuse University data, which was obtained under Freedom of Information Act requests.

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Federal prosecutors still win the bulk of the thousands of cases they choose to bring based on FBI investigations. Gina Nichols, a nurse in Minnesota, says she never had strong impressions one way or the other about the FBI until her daughter Maggie Nichols, who was a member of the national gymnastics team, reported three years ago that team physician Larry Nassar had molested her. Gina waited anxiously for the FBI to contact her and interview Maggie. Nassar is believed to have molested dozens of additional victims over the course of that year.

The FBI has opened an internal inquiry to determine why the Nassar investigations appear to have dragged on for so long. John Manly, a Southern California lawyer representing many of the women, says he is angry that no one from the FBI has contacted the victims to explain the delay.

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Perhaps the easiest problems to address are the internal lapses. Experts say putting assets and management attention back to work on cyber, counterintelligence and traditional crime after Mueller shifted them to counterterrorism would help. A failure of imagination is harder to fix. The bureau missed the significance of the damaging hack of the DNC database. And when the Russian operation began to heat up in the summer of , the FBI was always a step behind the Russians, struggling to understand intelligence reports they were getting about possible connections between Moscow and Trump aides.

A report released on April 27 by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee found that the FBI was slow to confront the election meddling, especially in its failure to notify U. The most important thing the FBI can do to fix itself? Follow its own rules. In his handling of the Clinton email probe ahead of the election, Comey acted without telling the Justice Department what he planned to do.

Comey is expected to come under fire in the upcoming IG report for breaking with Justice Department rules and norms by assuming authority usually held by prosecutors and speaking in public about a case that did not produce criminal charges, sources with knowledge of the report tell TIME.

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He will likely also be criticized for weighing in so close to the election in a way that could impact the outcome, sources familiar with the investigation say.